First Teaser for OnePlus 3 Appears Online

In the beginning of this week, it was revealed that the OnePlus company will launch its flagship smartphone the OnePlus 3 on June 14th. This is also known that the company will be releasing teasers to “warm up” the audience for the upcoming event. And now the first teaser of the OnePlus 3 has come online.

Last Wednesday, the Chinese OnePlus announced the launch date of the OnePlus 3. The introduction event of the new flagship killer will take place on June 14th at 10:00 PM and will be streamed in Virtual Reality for everyone.

The company distributed 30,000 VR goggles last month so that the interested viewers can watch the launch event of the OnePlus 3 with these glasses in VR.

Now that the launch date is revealed, OnePlus is trying to “warm up” the audience through various teasers for the coming days when the launch of the OnePlus 3 will take place. In the first six-second teaser video the general shape of the phone was shown, but the company didn’t reveal much information about it in the teaser.

However, what OnePlus will present in the event is not a big surprise. For months, it is known that OnePlus working on the OnePlus 3 and in recent weeks, almost all specifications of the handset have already been leaked.

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