Flying Birds Are Going to Deliver You 5G Internet Connection.

According to the latest reports issued by The Guardian, Google has started to initiate testing of its solar-powered UAVs to provide 5G internet network connection globally in New Mexico at Spaceport America, which was previously a testing zone for Virgin Galactic.

The codename of this latest venture of Google is called “Skybender” and its main motive is to carry out many of its transceivers and UAVs (drones) utilizing millimeter wave radio transmission.

One of the drawbacks in using millimeter transmissions is that it has a short range (28 GHz) in frequency; however its speed is massive compared to 4G internet that we are currently using.

In reality, millimeter frequency generator has the ability to deliver large numbers of gigabits every second; hence resulting in 40 times faster internet connection than that of the speed we are now receiving using 4G LTE systems.

However utilizing millimeter frequency generator with the help of UAVs from sky high is the only obstacle that is standing in Google’s path.

As a result, this giant of a search engine company is continuously improvising their latest innovation for solving this issue by utilizing highly sophisticated antennae by combining phased array technology with their drones. Because of this, it is still a precarious venture undertaken by Google for establishing it in reality.

This project called “SkyBender” is only a small portion of Google’s massive future investments and plans. Project Loon (read, Loon Copter) is also another part of their future plans that mainly involves transporting super fast internet globally.

Google has received permission from the authority for carrying out their test until June 2016.

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