Gamers Outreach: a charity fund makes “Go Karts” to help children in hospitals

“Gamers Outreach” is known as a charity firm which provides technology, and software equipment to help kids to spend their boring time playing video games inside hospitals while they are under treatment. This time, the organization seems to has taken an initiative to take extra care, particularly for those children who are not able to go out from their rooms. Gamers Outreach will make mobile gaming station called “Go Kart” each device will cost $3,500, and these will be designed specifically for hospitals.


Gamers for Giving is the biggest annual gaming event in the USA. It usually takes place in the main arena of the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center. That is where video game lovers come to play in the tournament and help to raise money for “Gamers Outreach”.

By the way, this year the event took place just a couple of days ago which ended on April 2. Gamers Outreach expected that the fund would raise $200,000 over the weekend.

This charity firm is estimating that each year at least 100,000 children will get the facility to use Go Kart devices. Which will be available in 19 hospitals around the USA.

One more thing is that to the kids the most requested game is Minecraft and they love to play it.

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