Get some drinks and pizza from Papa John’s through Apple TV

Hello there, if you feel hungry and are thinking to get some appetizers while watching Apple TV, then, you can tell your TV to get some food from your nearby Papa John’s. I mean from your Apple TV you can now directly order to a nearby Papa John’s, the fast food pizza restaurant, to get a pizza, drinks, or desserts and so more.

Yes, it is not a joke but true that the American fast food Pizza Restaurant Papa John’s recently launched an App on Apple TV through which consumers can directly order Papa John’s food to get delivered at their home.

During the launch of Papa John’s app a top executive named Steve Ritchie said in a statement that “Apple TV is the only television platform that we’ve brought the Papa John’s ordering experience to, we were attracted to Apple TV because of its commitment to innovation and customer experience, two priorities that Papa John’s is always seeking to evolve.”

On the other hand, since last year consumers have been ordering Domino’s Pizza through Samsung TV but Papa John’s claims that it is the principal national pizza chain to release such a food delivery application on Apple TV.

However, this application utilizes your current Papa John’s record data to decide your conveyance area, installment data and any top choices you may have requested previously.

Oh, perhaps, one thing will make you even more happy that if you order food from Papa John’s through Apple TV then you will get a 25% discount.

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