Google is Developing a Smart Messaging App Powered by AI

Google, part of Alphabet Inc, is reportedly working on building a new AI-based mobile messaging app that will search the web to answer your questions. It sounds like the company’s Google Now and Hangouts, all rolled into one, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Albeit there aren’t many details provided, it’s clear from the report that Google has been working on a messenger app that comprises of an AI bot. Google didn’t comment about when the app will be released or what it will be named.

It is known from the report that, Google is already lagging in the messaging space in comparison to rivals like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. With this new messaging app, Google is just trying to close the gap. The company also offered to buy 200 labs in November, a startup that develops chatbots for various subjects. However, the offer was rejected.

A few months ago, Facebook launched Facebook M, a personal assistant that lives inside the platform’s Messenger app, through which you can search and complete tasks. It seems like adding AI functionality would be a combination that replaces both Hangouts and Google Now.

Third party developers may be allowed to create chatbots of their own, opening up the possibilities of advanced customization. If the app is launched, one thing is clear that this app would keep you in Google’s world even if you spend all your phone time chatting with friends.

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