Google just got fresh with the fruit Olympic mini-game into its mobile app

After doing so many different styles of Google Doodles to represent the Olympic Games over the years, Google wants to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics with some juicy fruits rocking the Olympic ground on your phone. The tech giant just introduced the 2016 Doodle FruitGames that appears on the Google search page.

If you already have the Google app installed on your iOS or Android device, you’ll be able to play the game by tapping on the doodle. The game is a collection of seven colorful tap-and-tilt titles playable within the Google app, including the marathon, water polo, spider riding, bicycle racing, as well as golf. The difference is, there will be some fruits instead of real players and they will compete for freshest fruit, not for gold.

The games are as soothing as the title implies. There’s a running game where you’ll play as a strawberry trying to outrun a watermelon. There are some boosters which you have to pick up by scrolling from side to side. It also features a swimming game where you need to tilt your device back and forth so that your fruit doesn’t crash with the ice cubes and become an ice itself. High scores will be recorded and you can share them after each play session.

According to Google’s quick teaser video, there should be some other games featuring humans competing in the real Olympic Games that you may get as the Olympic passes on. Till then, play with your fruits.

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