Google lets users create alert for when your name is mentioned on the web

Google has created a widget that prompts users if they want to receive notification if their name appears on a web page. Probably the company wants to make it easier to safeguard user’s online as well as social privacy.

The widget will appear at the bottom of the search results when the user is logged on and his or her own name is mentioned on the internet. To set up a Google Alert, your name has to be entered in the widget so that it can track new references to your name. Although the Alert functionality is not new, the widget seems to make it easier for users to monitor their own online presence.

“Save your search activity on apps and in browsers to make searches faster and get customized experiences in Search, Maps, Now, and other Google products,”

says the Activity Controls page.

Last year, Guemmy Kim, Product Manager, Account Controls and Settings had already announced the feature in a blog post and showed it in a screenshot. However, the alerts were not rolled out then.

Google has brought new improvements and controls for My Account recently. However, there’s also a digest button that lets users receive all alerts in a single mail.