Google’s Smart Feature Will Be Your Best Healthcare Assistant

If you are very much concerned about your health, here is a smart feature from the famous search engine of Google which will show you exactly how many calories, fat, sugar, or salt your body consumes every day with your food. This smart feature will calculate everything for you automatically.

Additionally, the prosecution is very simple like you can ask in normal English about any food, and you can get some information about practically any supplement: “How much protein is there in 89g of chicken?” for instance will yield you the answer — 24g — there are also drop down menus to further clarify what you mean. The feature wants to know if it is accurate that you are discussing chicken bosom or stewed chicken drumsticks? McDonald’s Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken, Popeyes Bonafine Chicken, or plain old chicken gizard?

It’s the kind of thing that could prove to be handy in case you’re attempting to watch your weight or plan suppers while on the go. You can likewise hunt down particular suppers in case you’re eating out.

It’s really helpful, however, Google may have some much more yearning weight-watching plans looming on the skyline. Back in June 2015, it flaunted an AI-fueled application called lm2Calories.

The application (which isn’t to the general population) intends to let you know precisely what number of calories are in a dinner — just by taking a gander at a photograph of it