Google’s new messaging app Allo has begun to run

So, it seems that finally, the leakster Evan Blass’ (@evleaks on Twitter) prediction has come true, on September 21 Google would launch its new messaging app Allo.


At Google’s I/O conference the search engine giant introduced its messaging and video calling apps called Allo and Duo. The video calling app Duo has already been launched, while Allo is not but supposed to be release sometime in this week. Now it seems that this messaging app has begun to run because Allo, the smart messaging application, has started taking off — it’s at any rate accessible to download and install for Android clients in India, and besides that, clients in the US are at present seeing a pre-registered button on the application’s Google Play page as well.


However, in the event that you do not have any idea about Allo, then it is also like Duo — it also utilizes your telephone number to discover which of your friends are using the application. Allo is programmed for figuring out how you reply to messages, and in view of that, it can anticipate what sort of answers you may give to a friend’s messages.

Here’s to hoping that it does a lot better than Duo did.

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