GoPro Launches VR Video Apps and Livestreaming Accessories

Last week, GoPro launched its six-camera Omni VR rig and yesterday the company revealed a channel named “GoPro VR,” for 360-degree/virtual reality videos, accompanied by a version of its HEROCast wireless streaming tool for VR named “LiveVR.” GoPro has partnered with more than 100 companies with its new developer program.

We likewise figured out the amount that Omni rig will make you pay. $5,000 for a set with all that you require including six cameras, Kolor software, smart remote, cables, memory cards, etc. In the event that you as of now have enough GoPros in your kitbag, you can purchase the rig all alone for $1,500, with pre-orders starting today.

GoPro VR will launch today on the web as well as VR headset supported Android and iOS apps in their respective stores. The platform will have curated GoPro VR video content, like how its current on-demand video channel works for “consistent” footage. The VR video content will at first come by means of its sponsored artists and athletes, however, it’s probable that some user-generated content will take off after there’s sufficient quantity of it.

If you can hardly wait for the launch, then watch this video for a truly strong taste of things to come.

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