Here is how you can turn on Google Pixel notification LED

You may own one of Google’s first titled smartphones known as Google Pixel or Pixel XL but do you know that both smartphones have a hidden notification LED? Well, if you don’t know about this, then here is the fact that recently Android Center has popped out about both smartphone’s secret notification LED which is normally hidden on top of the phone.

Not to worry, it is not difficult to do but rather easy, what you need to do is just adjust a small toggle switch which is hidden in the phone’s settings option.


First, you need to open the setting option and then click on Notification, after that you need to tap on the gear sign at the top of the screen, and lastly toggle the option next to “Pulse notification light.” That’s it, you do not need to do anything more.

After completing the full prosecution, you can see the notification LED on your Google Pixel or on the Pixel XL following the alert which will be shown on the left side of the earpiece at the top of the mobile screen.

This time Google added a bunch of smart features to its first own smartphone the Google Pixel. So, if you want to grab one of the Google-branded beauties then you can directly head on to the but you may need to wait for a few days to get Google’s smartphone because currently, the store has run out of the phone, according to theTechnoBuffalo.

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