Here is where you can get the new LG G6 smartphone in the US

Looking to get a newly released LG G6 smartphone in the US? Then, here is where you can get this smartphone from the country. Well, in the US all four major mobile operating companies Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have affirmed that from this spring they will start to sell the recently uncovered LG G6 smartphone in their country.


Though none of them disclose anything about the price of the phone. Verizon said that it would display the platinum and the black color options on their shelf. While Sprint and AT&T didn’t say anything but implied that they are coming soon.


On the other hand, in the UK, “Three” the mobile network giant also assured that the LG G6 is coming soon to their stores. Though other network providers still seem quite. We hope that following Three other mobile network carriers will also be offering this smartphone in the country.

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