Honda’s new NeuV concept could feel your emotion

Honda is ready to show how emotion occurs in vehicles at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas with its latest concept car. It’s called the NeuV, and according to Honda, it’s an “automated EV commuter vehicle,” which will have emotions.

“Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data to transform the mobility experience, Honda today announced that ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem’ will be the theme for its participation at the 2017 [CES],” the automaker said in a statement.


Honda endowed the NeuV with artificial intelligence called ‘emotion engine,’ which will let the car reacts to its owner’s emotions and conversations, allowing the owner to create an emotional bond with the vehicle.

With its small size and presumably lightweight, NeuV is evidently optimized to shuttle around the cities, deal with tight parking, as well as heavy traffic. Although city-cars haven’t been quite popular with customers, they’re intent on something of a resurrection as technology empowers more self-driving and fleet management.

There will be a press conference at January 5, 2017, at CES, where Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Honda’s CEO of R&D, will deliver a keynote address. The company will also announce its initiative with startups and global brands in order to create a more profitable and pleasant mobility experience.