Hopefully Apple will bring these changes for iPhone users in its next iOS update

There is only one day left before Apple’s most hyped event, where the world’s most revolutionary tech magnet Apple is officially going to announce its new version of iOS update at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote on the 13th of June.

Particularly, Apple’s iPhone users are expecting that the new update of iOS will modify some specific features on the iPhone.

Here is the list of updates that iPhone users think that need modifying.

  • Let iPhone users hide those undeleted apps from their home screen which they are reluctant to use regularly: it is not mandatory that iPhone users will love to use all the undeleted home screen apps on their iPhone. Even if some users are reluctant to use some apps which are fixed on the home screen but can’t delete or hide them as Apple didn’t keep any option for that, then it obviously sounds odd for them to keep those unnecessary apps on their iPhone. If Apple lets iPhone users delete or hide those apps from the home screen then it will be a huge convenience for iPhone users.
  • Users wish to set default apps for certain tasks: There’s a better option to pretty much the majority of Apple’s applications from Mail to Calendar. In any case, despite everything you’re compelled to utilize Apple’s applications as the default for essential functions. It will be great for iPhone users if Apple lets them pick external applications.
  • A sufficient space like Google: Considering the storage space Google is more flexible than Apple because Google is providing 15 GB free storage for its Smartphone users while Apple just gives 5 GB of free storage with each iCloud account. Honestly, the complementary plan of iCloud storage isn’t sufficient to store all photographs, applications, instant messages, and everything else from an iPhone. Many people wish to pay additional charges, on the more than likely event that they need more iCloud storage room. It’d be incredible if Apple offered as much free storage as its opponents do.
  • It will be incredible if developers can access the iPhone’s NFC chip: The iPhone’s NFC chip is the thing that gives Apple a chance to pay to and communicate with installment terminals. NFC has such a large number of other uses, notwithstanding portable installments; however, Apple keeps the chip bolted far from developers. It’d be extraordinary if Apple lets developers use NFC with their own applications as well, much the same as they can on Android.
  • 3D Touch controls need to be smarter: 3D Touch should change the way we utilize the iPhone, however, designers — and even Apple now and again — have been moderate to receive it. We’d like to see iOS 10 incorporate new strategies and guidelines for including 3D Touch.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball had one smart thought: pressing solidly on the screen could be identical to the “long press” utilized as a part of today’s applications.

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