HP’s Upcoming New Super Smart Windows Phone May Challenge the iPhone

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has disclosed the master plan about its upcoming super smartphone called HP Elite x3 to compete with the iPhone, on Monday, at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, as its CEO promised back in 2012 to bring a smartphone by HP in the smartphone market.

Probably, by the end of this summer HP will launch the Elite x3 which is based on Microsoft’s Windows 10, but initially, this smartphone will not approach worldwide release apart from the ten major markets including America and Canada.

What makes the HP Elite x3 special?

HP’s VP of commercial mobility products Michael Park explained to Business Insider that their upcoming smartphone is proposed to be another class of ” all in one” gadgets for the business client that can replace their cell phone, tablet/scratch pad and a desktop PC. All alone, it’s a cell phone designed for office work, about the extent of an iPhone 6 or more, with an effective Snapdragon 820 processor and a colossal, throughout the day battery, which is 30% bigger than the battery in the iPhone.

Furthermore, the gadget can likewise be utilized with two sorts of docking stations. One of the docking stations permits you to plug a large size keyboard, screen, and Ethernet into the phablet-sized cell phone.

The other one is known as the “mobile extender” which covers a screen and keyboard and associates remotely with the cell phone and transforms it into a portable PC.

Not only those, but HP is providing some exceptional programming that makes a private application store where representatives can get to their PC applications over their systems if their organizations are now set up to do that kind of application processing; also, when you connect the smartphone to a docking station, it changes from the portable adaptation of any application, say Office 365, to the desktop rendition.

Additionally, through HP’s partnership with Salesforce, the gadget will be preinstalled with the Salesforce1 application. Whenever docked, it will change to the PC/cloud adaptation of Salesforce too.

A smartphone with docking station, it sounds great but this is not the first attempt, about 5 years ago in 2011 the Motorola had a device called the Atrix which did almost the same act. Commentators cherished the thought, however, it was bulky, costly and never got on and Motorola axed the gadget around a year later.

Park didn’t remark on how much the HP Elite x3 gadget will cost, but to say that it will be more reasonable than purchasing a PC, a cell phone and tablet as independent gadgets.

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