Huawei hints upcoming new series of smartphones at IFA

The past few weeks saw plenty of speculation that Huawei would continue the tradition by introducing a successor for the Huawei Mate S or the Huawei Mate 8 during the upcoming IFA in Berlin. However, some statements of Huawei refutes these rumors and indicate the introduction of an entirely new smartphone series.

Despite that in the past few weeks, both successors for the current Huawei Mate S and the Huawei Mate 8 have surfaced in the rumor, it seems Huawei at the IFA in Berlin a new Member

According to reports, a top executive of Huawei has said that no new device in the Huawei Mate series will be presented duringthe upcoming IFA.

However, the CEO of Huawei said the company is going to use the IFA in Berlin as a background for the introduction of an entirely new smartphone series this year. The device in this new series promises to be a midrange model. This statement of Huawei’s CEO hint on a device with a selling price somewhere between 200 and 500 euros.

Currently, we do have a mid-range smartphone from Huawei circulating in the rumor mill, but anything more than its codename ‘Nova’ is not yet known about the device.

IFA is Europe’s largest consumer electronics fair which is going to start on this Friday, September 2nd. Many smartphone manufacturers use the IFA in Berlin as a backdrop for new smartphone launches. Huawei has listed a large press conference on the agenda in Berlin for Thursday, September 1st.

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