Hungry? Redesigned Zagat app could give you better dining recommendations

Back in 2011, Google acquired the restaurant reviewing company Zagat in a bid to take on Yelp. Since then, Google helped to renovate it with a new website, mobile apps, as well as integration with Google Maps. And now, Zagat app is getting its biggestupdate yet on the iPhone to better fit modern standards of restaurant reviews.

This new upgrade is pretty good, so you can make your primary solution for discovering new places to eat. Based on your location, and the time of day it can recommend you the restaurants. Like if you launch the app in your office at 12pm, it will pop up with lunch recommendations, coffee spots and places where you can have quick bites nearby. Locations awareness is something that made Foursquare’s recommendation useful, and now it’s going to make Zagat useful. Also, the app features an interactive neighborhood map in NYC, to give you the better search experience than before.

In addition, the complicated, old 30 –point scoring system is dead now. The redesigned app features 5-point scoring. It comes with a cleaner, magazine-like look, including Zagat’s editorial reviews (based on opinions of regular diners) and local coverage with location features. So, if the reviews from uninformed reviewers are bothering you, you’re highly recommended to give theZagat app a shot.