I may never find out how does it feel losing $3 billion in a single day!

Mark Zuckerberg has lived to suffer the most horrible day of his life so far, an utterly devastating day!

Facebook’s stock valuation plummeted on Thursday that led Zuckerberg losing $3 billion dollars. Perhaps, this is the most massive loss suffered by an individual billionaire on a single day!

The value Facebook shares (FB, Tech30) dwindled by 5.5% after the company’s CFO implied clearly that its growth of revenue generated from numerous advertisements to “come down meaningfully.”

However, Zuckerberg currently possesses 418 million of Facebook stock, which is approximate $50.2 billion.


The fifth richest billionaire spot has been secured by Zuckerberg already owning $52.2 billion, a step behind Warren Buffett. Despite this abrupt yet staggering fall of Facebook shares, the price is already ahead 15% for this year, thus adding another $6.4 billion to Zuckerberg’s wealth.

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