If you’re a programmer, hacking becomes easier!

I am not a hacker even though I have a profound interest in White hat hacking; in this article, I want to you to be aware of how programming and hacking go hand in hand.

Hacking shown in movies is not only about typing a few commands and the hacker successfully manages to bypass the security. In fact, the whole operation requires mastery over multiple skills that I am going to talk about in detail.

Find out how hackers hack into any system.


The primary skill one must develop before she considers becoming a hacker is learning how to program. The basic languages to learn is either Python or Java, which are both resourceful and highly informative for any beginner that may pursue white hat hacking.

Besides Python, there is C programming for anyone who is willing to divulge herself in the world of white hat hacking. Python being powerful and remarkably flexible for numerous cases, the C language of Unix helps in improving the rudimentary aspects of programming.


In order to exploit the functionalities of various programs, one must learn to program. Once an individual programmer is aware of the technical aspects of a program, decoding it becomes simple.

Once programming becomes a regular practice, anybody can design their own malware, which can remain undetected from other antivirus software installed on the same operating system.


Most of the tools used in hacking can be found online for free and are open-sourced; therefore, once you are fully comfortable with programming, improvisation with those tools becomes more convenient.

Keeping the above reasons in mind, programming skill is an inevitable part of learning that turns hacking easier.

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