Instagram allows you to create list of banned comments

Hundreds of hashtags were blocked from Instagram search results a few months ago. Now the developers of the app have introduced a new feature that lets you easily eliminate any unwanted reaction. Name-calling and other negative posts will soon no longer be found on Instagram.


This time, no filter just to make your face a little brighter, but a filter to shut all the bullies’ mouth at once. From Monday, all users can apply a special filter after which negative messages will automatically disappear.

Comments could already be removed manually, but for some, it was unfortunately not enough. If you are an Instagram user, you can now create a list of words that should not appear on your profile. So yes, if you’re tired of everybody calling you blonde, you can also use it.

The new feature is added to keep the photo app a lot more pleasant. Verbal abuse, insults, and negative discussions are automatically deleted. You can now also choose to completely turn off the comments if you want no comment anyway.


The creators of Instagram think it is important that all pictures and videos must be posted without criticism, intimidation, threats or other offensive messages. They want Instagram to be a safe and enjoyable place to express yourself.


Negative reactions on social media are a big problem. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are also trying to reduce hate speech as much as possible.

In addition to moderating comments, Instagram has two new features added to the application. This allows users to zoom in on photos and it is possible to provide text color.

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