Instagram finally rolls out business tools to help businesses stand out

There are so many businesses you see active on Instagram, but did you ever feel the necessity of such tools to reach out to them beyond posting a comment and waiting for them to notice? Of course, you did, and now you can. The Facebook-owned app just started rolling out it’s promised business tools to help its 200,000 advertisers stand out.

From now on any shops, restaurants or any other businesses that have” business profile” set up will feature a contact button, allowing you to call, text or email a business without going to the company’s website to find out the details. So, if you like any dress in Instagram and want to know where the boutique’s shop is and if it’s open now, you can do that easily.

Another tool, named Insights, allows businesses to notice if their posts are working on the social platform, showing companies information about how people have linked with their businesses.

There is another tool named “promote” that lets businesses to promote their posts as ads. This may be good for those businesses, but imagine yourself getting distracted by some local shop’s ads in between celebrity photos and your friend’s photos of dessert. This is going to be somewhat disturbing.

The business tools are currently introduced in the UK and silently went live in Australia, New Zealand, and the US in July and will be available in other countries within the coming weeks.