Instagram Rolling Out Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram has turned out to be a truly popular social networking app with 400 million users and its 10 most popular accounts boast more than 30 million followers each. Many Instagram accounts are being targeted by hackers because it’s really worth it. Possibly that is the reason Instagram has already chosen to include two-factor authentication to enhance its security service.

Instagram serves as home to all celebrities, a lot of whom make money by posting about products and brands. It has turned out to be such a hot focus for hackers.

Today, the Facebook-possessed app has started rolling out two-factor authentication gradually to some users. The company began testing two-factor authentication before the end of last year, however, it worked differently in contrast to what we’re all used to. It gave users reset codes that they needed to screenshot or record when they activated the feature. The version rolling out today, however, is your usual two-factor that sends text verification codes at the sign in time.

The feature lets Instagram users verify a phone number so that if anyone tries to log into your account with your email and password, you’ll get a text authentication code that must also be entered to gain access to your account. That means hackers need more than your email and password that could be guessed, stolen, or tricked out of you with a phishing scam.

The new feature may take a while before you can activate it, however, it will undoubtedly advance toward every Instagram user with time.

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