Instant Apps Could Change The Way We Interact With Mobile Apps

Though mobile apps are far better than browser-based web apps, sometimes it’s time-consuming to install the apps. You don’t want to download a whole app just to watch a video. So, Google gave a second thought about the mobile app and has got a brilliant solution to this problem: Instant Apps.

Instant Apps lets you use some parts of an app’s functionality without actually downloading the whole thing. When you click on a link that has an associated Instant App, your phone will download only the code essential to run that particular function. All the apps will run in a secure sandbox. The most interesting part is that the apps, once released, will be compatible all the way back to Android Jelly Bean.

Obviously, this new functionality doesn’t require the developers to build a whole new app, they’ll just have to modularize their apps into chunks that can run on their own- a video, some home listings, points on a map, or a payment system.

You may think the common way to activate an Instant App download is just by clicking on a link, but Google is suggesting other ways too. For instance, download of a payments app is activated by NFP tap at a parking meter. In case you need to download the entire app, the instant version will let you do so with just a tap.

Albeit Google announced this initiative yesterday, it’s not ready yet to be launched. Currently, it’s gathering input from the developers. So, you’ll have to wait a while to see the Instant Apps in the wild.

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