Intel Receives Substantial Order for LTE Modems in New iPhone

Apple will possibly buy a significant amount of LTE modems from Intel, the Korean website DigiTimes, reported this based on anonymous sources. It was already known that Intel has been confirmed as a supplier of LTE chipsets in future iPhones. However, the exact number of orders is still a secret.

The analyst estimates went in the direction of 25 to 30 percent of the orders for Intel. The rest of the LTE radios are made by Qualcomm. However, reportedly, Apple has devised a plan to make itself less dependent on Qualcomm as a manufacturer of parts.

According to Digitimes, Intel will be supplying LTE modems, but the production will then be transferred to TSMC and tester King Yuan Electronics. If the rumors prove to be the truth, it will be a significant boost for Intel.

The American company is a leader in the production of chips for PCs and servers in data centers, however, the ambition to deliver mobile processors has had in recent years repeatedly suffer from setbacks. Intel recently stopped with a part of its chipsets for mobile phones. The production of modems is continued.

However, how the new iPhone will look like is also still a secret. Apple always shrouds in absolute silence when it comes to future products. Of course, there’s no doubt that the new iPhone’s 4G that is under works by combining frequencies is indeed suitable for higher speeds.

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