iOS 10 helps you becoming an Organ Donor

Apple has already introduced a remarkable number of features in iOS 10 and there is one unique feature that users have failed to notice. They can tap only a few buttons to become a responsible organ donor that may save the life of another person by giving them a new reason to live longer and happier.


Tap the Health App > Medical ID > Register to become an organ donor.

The entire registration has become marvelously convenient as the process is now manipulated by the Donate Life America. this enables millions of citizens to receive a second chance to live and enjoy this life.

Once an individual decides to donate their organ(s), they end up saving eight individuals simultaneously, according to the Donate Life America (DLA). By donating healthy skin tissues, which eventually helps fifty other individuals to live a better life, while the donation of cornea ensures the restoration of eyesight for two.

Once Facebook also decided to initiate a similar program in 2012 that motivated thousands of people to sign up for this program. Sadly, due to numerous complexities that came up during the process eventually caused the whole program to shut down.

Thanks to DLA with their national registration process fully functional and running, the entire method has managed to overcome the complexities forcefully caused Facebook to back out of the program.

There’s a staggering number of American residents, approximately 130,000 who are patiently waiting to receive a healthy organ. Since everything is now available at your fingertips, register right now to grant somebody a life they are literally dying to experience for one more day.

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