It seems the next stop for Samsung Pay is in Indonesia

It sounds like the next stop for Samsung Pay is in Indonesia, because, recently, a new rumor has popped out in the country that Samsung Electronics Indonesia IT and mobile marketing executive Vebbyna Kaunang has reported that Samsung Pay mobile payments service, is coming to her homeland in Indonesia. Though she didn’t inform the exact time when the Samsung Pay service will be available in the country but she assured that the plan has already been marked in their list.

Here is Vebbyna’s recent statement where she said that“Based on the development, we still cannot confirm when [Samsung Pay] will be launched in Indonesia. But as long as we can implement it, we will bring it here, it’s already included in our plans.”

However, Samsung Pay service is about to launch in Europe as reported earlier in this month and besides that the service is already available in numerous countries around the world where individuals have been utilizing Samsung Pay services in their daily life like in the US and as well as in some Asian countries: Singapore, China and obviously in its birthplace South Korea. Most probably in the future Samsung will include some more Asian countries to introduce its mobile Payment service.

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