It’s time to drink a glass of virtual lemonade

We all have that one friend who loves to post photos of drinks on Instagram or on other social media platform. And now you can find out how they actually taste like without even paying a visit to that place. Scientists have figured out a way to give you the basic look and taste of lemonade through the internet. They first used electrodes and sensors to get the basic color and sourness of a glass of lemonade, and then sent it to a tumbler full of water, where the color is replicated and sourness is reproduced to make the water look and taste like lemonade.

“People are always posting pictures of drinks on social media — what if you could upload the taste as well? That’s the ultimate goal,” says Nimesha Ranasinghe at the National University of Singapore.


The researchers in his team captured the color and sourness of a glass of lemonade using color and acidity sensors. When they sent the data to a tumbler full of water in another location, the LEDs mimicked the color, and electrodes reproduced the sourness by stimulating the drinker’s taste buds.

The resulting drink didn’t taste like the actual one, though. The team got 13 people to taste different kinds of real and virtual lemonades to test the effectiveness of this digital tumbler. They noted that the virtual lemonade was sourer than the original one. However, it was close enough to figure out how the real one should taste like.

Lemonades are simple and relatively easy to replicate. So, researchers used it as an ideal subject for a test like this. However, they have a more ambitious plan. They are currently working on a cocktail that can even mimic the smell of any drink. So, you may not pour any drink from your PC or laptop in the near future, but you can at least have the virtual taste of it before you try the original one.

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