It’s time to pinch-to-zoom on Instagram

For years, Instagram users have been complaining about their frustration of trying to zoom images remembering that they actually can’t. This is one of the rare experiences for a mobile user since zoom has become the synonym of the image because of the boon of the smartphone. However, the days of frustrations are over. Finally, Instagram has rolled out pinch-to-zoom support to its iOS app.

With this new feature, Instagram users will be able to zoom in images, as well as videos on profile pages, on the Explore tab, and of course in the main feed. According to a video demo posted by PetaPixel, those images and videos actually come out of their original frame after a lightbox effect takes place as you pinch-to-zoom. Releasing your fingers makes those images and videos go back to their original state.

It’s still not sure what took Instagram five years to make this feature available while other social platforms including Twitter and its parent company Facebook has the same feature. Even iPhone has this pinch-to-zoom feature for nearly ten years. However, it’s better now than never. We all welcome this update with opened arms. Android users have to be patient for a while as the company says the feature will embrace the Android devices sometime in the coming weeks.

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