Jaguar teams up with Shell to bring in-car fuel payment system

Jaguar wants its car owners to fuel up their vehicles with a little more convenience. The luxury automaker teamed up with Shell to create a new payment feature that lets driver purchase fuel in-car at the gas pumps.

The feature is available for the Jaguar F-Pace, F-Type, XF, and XE models in addition to the latest ranges from Land Rover. To make the payments possible, you have to install the Shell app and connect your iPhone to your car’s infotainment system. Once installed, it will show up on the in-car infotainment touchscreen display. You can choose your Apple Pay or PayPal (with Android Pay coming later 2017) credentials to make the purchase. According to Jaguar, what makes it different from other mobile payment tech is that it uses geolocation and a cloud-based pre-payment check in concert with Apple Pay or PayPal wallet for the transaction.

Once the payment is done, there will be an electronic receipt displayed on the touchscreen, letting the customers leave the station with the confidence of having paid. The app also allows the driver to select how much gas they want and pre-pay for the fuel.

Apart from speeding up the transaction, the Shell app also digitally logs the information and the receipts of each journey. As of today, the service will be available in the UK, with Jaguar intending to add the support worldwide throughout 2017.

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