Kanye Omari West Said His New Album Will Never Be On Apple Music

Just last Sunday, Kanye Omari West’s much-awaited new album “The Life of Pablo” was released. No sooner had a week gone by that he decided to keep his new album away from Apple’s streaming services like Apple Music, iTunes, or even Spotify.

Today, the American music producer Kanye West tweeted on his Twitter account saying“My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal.”

More importantly, West is already involved with Tidal, the music streaming station which is being conducted by one of his friends and the hip hop star ‘Jay Z,’ so there is a major support for making the album’s introduction restricted to just Tidal. Tidal has been overwhelming the Apple App Store charts since its presentation late Saturday night.

On the other hand, on the releasing day of the album “The Life of Pablo,” West announced that his album would be on Tidal for a week before being available on other streaming services.

Now his announcement clearly makes sense that he doesn’t want to break any friendship bridges with Tidal, though it sounds tough for Apple Music lovers but if they want to get his new album’s song then they have to go for Tidal cause there is no other choice.

West additionally pulled arrangements to offer advanced downloads of the collection by means of Tidal, to the dissatisfaction of a few fans who had effectively paid up the $20 asking the cost, with no download given in return.

At the end, if you are really a fan of West, you may not have other options than Tidal until he changes his mind to go for other streaming stations.

Oh! A good news is that the super music lady Beyoncé has brought 90 days free trialing offer for the new subscribers on Tidal, so that should be soothing for some people.