Keep your distant lover close by wearing this special ring on your finger

Despite making overseas communication between friends and other special individuals easily attainable with the help of social media and various messaging apps like WhatsApp and ringID, there isn’t anything available yet that enables two lovers separated by distance, feel each other’s heartbeats. HB Rings, designed by TheTouch is now going to enable two lovebirds, separated by distance to feel each other’s heartbeats; fortunately, this ingenious technology has the potential to ease the pain lovers may endure due to the distance between them.

These rings are coated in stainless steel and look identical with a sapphire crystal surface protecting it from scratches that can impair its outlook.

One may ask, how do these rings really function? The device establishes a connection with the help of an app via Bluetooth, and a slight tap will automatically connect the ring with the Wi-Fi or data; as a result, you will be able to feel your lover’s heartbeat while trying to fall asleep; however the thought of your lover keeps you awake at night. For many of us, it simply ensures serenity in finding out everything is alright.

If you think you need one of these rings, simply place your order here or visit their Facebook page.

Of course, texting, calling, both video and ordinary can assist you in connecting with your lover, but there’s no other convenient method of feeling your partner’s presence apart from using the latest HB Rings.

The device has remarkable battery power, hence, you can sense your lover’s heartbeat as long as you please. With six distinct sizes, I am sure you will be able to buy the right pair for you and your partner.

Long distance relationships can be utterly frustrating at times, especially when couples experience tough times in their relationships. I hope this content turned out to be informative for you and feel free to comment as TTN would love to know them.