Let Facebook know who are you supporting in the upcoming election

It looks like Facebook really wants you to start a political debate with your friends. The social media giant has quietly added a feature that lets you endorse for your favorite presidential candidate for the upcoming election in the United States.


Endorsing a candidate for the election is pretty simple. Just visit the candidate’s official Facebook page, where you’ll find the “endorsement” tab on the side. Simply click the “endorse” button and you’re done. Here, you have the option to add personalized note. You can also decide who you want to see the endorsement; all those 1.71 billion monthly active users or only your open-minded friends. You can also check out detailedinstruction on Facebook’s Help Center.

Think again before you make your endorsement public. It’s likely that it will pop up on that candidate’s Facebook page. Besides the big names like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you can also endorse any candidate for political office.

You’ll also find an “issue” tab, which explains the candidate’s policies using quotes and videos. It means you don’t really need to visit their extended pages to know about their policies.


No doubt it will create a huge turmoil on the social media. Your family members, as well as your high school buddy, may start yelling at your views. However, Facebook has some logical reasons behind this step. It will help to quantify the most ardent supporters. Also, if you’re one of those who isn’t afraid to express their opinions about the election, this is surely a neat feature.