LG Wants To Replace All Your Credit Cards

LG, the Korean tech giant finally revealed its own payment system. Known as “White Card,” this payment system doesn’t require any Smartphone like Apple or Google Pay does. Instead it aims to replace all your credit or debit cards with this universal solution.

With a low power LCD display on the upper right side, the LG White Card looks a lot like an advanced credit card. It comes with two buttons on the lower bottom and metal connectors on the left. You don’t need any compatible Smartphone to use this card. Using this card you can make purchases on any physical store and withdraw money from your bank account, and you don’t even have to store that data in your Smartphone. You can even save all your bank accounts, debit/credit cards and switch between them.

The card is rechargeable and the metal pins are meant to be for recharging and perhaps work like a credit card chip. Using the two buttons you can switch between the cards, your card status will be displayed on the small screen, showing whether it is active or not. You can even withdraw cash from ATMs using this card.

It looks like White Card could be an all-in-one solution for your money transaction. You may worry about your account details to be leaked to LG, but one of the LG pay partners assured that the transaction will be only between you and the financial company. According to IT, finance and distribution industries, the company had pre-ordered 50,000 White Cards for its release. It’s still not sure whether it will be a pure wireless experience for you but one thing is for sure, that is the competition between Samsung based Samsung-pay and card based LG Pay will begin on full scale after the White Card is introduced.

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