LINE Kills MixRadio, The Streaming Service It Acquired from Microsoft

Just over a year after buying the business from Microsoft in December 2014, the Japanese messaging app LINE has announced that it is shutting the doors on the popular music streaming service MixRadio.

In a press release posted late night, the company claimed that due to, “the financial challenges posed by the music streaming market, and priorities of LINE Corporation, LINE has determined that future growth would be difficult to ensure and decided to discontinue the MixRadio music streaming service.”

However, the messaging company will continue its existing LINE MUSIC service (which is separate from MixRadio) in Japan and Thailand, where it has over 30 million users.

Back in 2014, LINE announced that they had planned to continue and expand the MixRadio service by acquiring the creative team behind it, just after five months Microsoft announced that it was selling MixRadio. Under LINE, MixRadio released its first beta apps for iOS and Android with a continuation of Windows Phone operation later in 2015.

However, LINE was never able to earn profit from the MixRadio service even being Android and iOS app, as music streaming is a harsh and competitive business, so LINE has decided to close this service over the coming weeks. As the company still owns the service’s assets, it could be repackaged into LINE’s existing service.

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