Make a Funny Video of Any Personality with Smart 3D Modeling

Don’t you know Ellen DeGeneres? Of course, you do. How about making funny videos with her face saying hilarious things about world economy? How about Maria Sharapova saying Tennis is a bad game? Now you have the chance to do it all. All you need is a smart 3D system for doing so.

A university research team recently developed a new method for real-time facial reenactment that works with a regular web camera, overcoming several challenges in computer vision technology.

The implications for video creation are big if it becomes more than just a project. You could use the tool to mess with your friends by having celebrities say audacious things, or have famous figures recite dialogue in movies without needing to painstakingly animate faces frame by frame.

This software easily allows for digital manipulation of videos, without a lot of specialized hardware. And, it is not creepy at all. Thus, even the most secure videos now-a-days are really not secure. A simple computer trick can make a 360-degree change. Get ready to enjoy it!

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