Mark Zuckerberg covered his own webcam

It’s well known that Facebook does not take it so closely when it comes to the privacy of its users. More striking is that the supreme boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, just indeed gives a high value on his privacy and therefore covered his webcam while taking photographs.

Zuckerberg was playful in the picture because there is something to celebrate at the headquarters of Facebook. Instagram — which was acquired for 1 billion by Facebook in 2012 — has 500 million monthly users. So Zuckerberg decided it was time for an entertaining picture.

Funny photo of course, but social media went quickly about what was seen in the background. The laptop in the background is in fact completely taped: both the camera and the audio jack or perhaps the dual microphones is covered with a piece of tape. Hacking masters are able to secretly take control of a laptop camera, so Zuckerberg prevented any would-be hacker with a piece of tape.

However, it seems like Zuckerberg’s own privacy is a bit more important than the privacy of the more than 1.5 billion users of Facebook.

It’s very natural that one of the most influential men in the world is highly concerned about being watched but Zuckerberg better hope that the masses of users his company is depending on for live video content don’t take a lesson from his book.

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