Mark Zuckerberg’s Future Plan Is to Make Augmented Reality Glasses

Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is transporting today, however, later on, the organization trusts the innovative and surreal component will be able to fit into a couple of ordinary glasses.

In front of an audience at the organization’s yearly F8 engineer gathering, CEO Mark Zuckerberg flaunted an idea for a couple of keen glasses that he supposes we’ll all be wearing.

Zuckerberg said he needs the savvy glasses to be fit for both virtual reality and expanded reality. One could say that the vision is like that of Google Glass.

Mark stated that “Expanded reality gives you the capacity to see the world, additionally, convey overlays on top of this present reality.” With increased reality glasses, clients could raise a photograph and resize it for surveying quickly before sending them, all the while being overlaid on top of this present reality.

Facebook’s not by any means the only tech organization inspired by increased reality. Microsoft just dispatched its HoloLens headset to engineers. Snapchat is allegedly chipping away at its own particular pair of enlarged reality glasses, as well.

With all these organizations working on these glasses, it seems we’ll all be seeing people on trains and busses wearing them and going about their daily lives.

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