Measure your heart count with any Smartphone

With so many diverse uses of smartphones, did you know smartphone is also a heart beat meter in case you want to find out the number of beats your heart is capable of making per second. Surprisingly, this feature is not only restricted within the most expensive ones but all smartphones of all price ranges.

For turning this method extremely simple, there are now numerous apps available on Google Play Store designed for measuring your heart beat. However, my personal favorite is “Instant Heart-rate” as it drains out the least amount of juice from the battery.

Find out ways you can save your smartphone batteries.

You can take multiple readings of your heart beat rate throughout the whole day and view the rates altogether in one go that will be shown on your timeline.

For keeping track of this measurement, the app allows users to save the results in your personal account Azumio and later synced to your Google fitness tracker. A few basic information related to respective individuals are also available in this app, however, such information will heavily depend upon a number of factors such as your health, age, sex, weight and height.

Sometimes this app may stop functioning properly, and it’s either due to your abrupt movements or pressing hard against the display of your smartphone; restart the app if it stops functioning.

The only drawback to this app is that you will have to encounter sudden pop up ads since it’s free to download. According to many users who have been using the paid version, haven’t found anything really unique compared to the free version. Nevertheless, I found the free version of it equally mesmerizing to ignore the ads.

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