Meet HelloEgg, your AI-powered smart kitchen assistant

Whether it’s about to make food for you or your family, you need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Sometimes you may look at your mobile for some recipes, but that’s not enough as kitchen assistance. And in this era of technology, where everything is AI-powered, be it smart home appliances or just your fitness coach, why would your kitchen assistance be left alone? Here comes HelloEgg, first smart kitchen assistant aims to put an entire team of culinary helpers in your kitchen by way of an electronic device.


The brainchild of RnD64, an Internet of Things based company; HelloEgg is an old fashioned egg timer like device that relies on both artificial intelligence and a team of real humans to boost your kitchen skills. It may look like a child’s toy but smart enough to help you out with cooking and to entertain you with a mixture of personality and display. You can watch step-by-step cooking videos on its 3.5-inch screen and ask any questions if you have any query.

Even the most expert chefs sometimes need a little more hand-holding in the kitchen. They can get help from its video tutorials and real-time prompts from its human support team. Apart from cooking guide, HelloEgg can also entertain you by way of Spotify, weather forecasts, audio newsfeeds, as well as voice-activated reminders and timers.

HelloEgg will start shipping in February 2017. Although no price has been announced yet, you can pre-order through their website.

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