Meizu Band is unveiled as poor man’s FitBit

Meizu is has been known as the biggest competitor of Xiaomi for its specialization in bringing highly-specced phones on the cheap. And now, the company is preparing to get into the fitness tracker market with the new Meizu Band.

The Meizu Band is pretty much everything you can expect a fitness tracker should be. It’s able to count how many steps you’ve taken as well as the calories you’ve burned. With the help of an auto-sleep tracking feature, it can also keep tabs on your downtime, including the breakdown between your light sleep and deep sleep. Also, it can track intensity and pace of activities in a wide range of sports.

Meizu band packs a narrow OLED screen that lets you see the time, as well as the notification on any call or text message you receive. It also pairs with the Meizu Health smartphone app, letting you see more detailed information on your daily activities.

The band comes with a surprisingly short charger that can easily fit the band by magnetically attaching it. The manufacturer claims that the battery can endure for twenty days, which is pretty amazing. Besides, Meizu Band is IP67 certified meaning that you can you should be fine to take it in the shower, even in the pool.


What attracts me most about this fitness tracker is the price. The Meizu Band will launch for ¥229 (about $33), which is pretty much affordable. You can pre-order it from China now before it hits the store shelves on December 8. It’s still not sure when it will have an international release.

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