Microsoft releases Xbox One update with Cortana

Microsoft has released the long-awaited software update for the Xbox One. The new software is built including the support for Cortana, and in addition, there is more integration with the desktop operating system Windows 10.

Summer update for the Xbox One has been rolled out since Saturday for all owners of the console. One of the main new features is the digital voice assistant Cortana for those in the US and the UK. The software includes the ability to stream music apps in the background so that users can listen to music while gaming. Pandora is one of the first apps to support background music. And there are also quick controls available if you want to pause the music or change the volume.

In addition, the new software allows for more integration with Windows 10. So now it’s possible to use apps for the desktop operating system on the Xbox One. Initially, there are few applications for the Xbox One, but that should be more in the future. Users can set further in what language to use their console, and thereby it’s no longer dependent on their geographical location.

The old Xbox voice commands are now replaced with “Hey Cortana,” but you can still keep them available if you disable Cortana.

However, last month, a preview version of the new software for the Xbox One was released by Microsoft.

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