Microsoft Sells the Nokia Handsets to Foxconn

Microsoft is selling its part of the feature phones to Foxconn. The company announced itself that the brand name Nokia is about to change hands once again.

Microsoft has signed an agreement with FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Hon Hai / Foxconn Technology Group. The Finnish company HMD Global also participates in the acquisition. It is a sum of 350 million dollars.

All parts of the production will be transferred to the new owner, including trademarks, software and services, maintenance, customer contracts and critical supply agreements.

As part of the agreement, FIH Mobile also takes over Microsoft Mobile Vietnam, with a factory and 4,500 Vietnamese workers. After the acquisition, the Nokia brand is therefore now owned by FIH Mobile. FIH Mobile may also use the Microsoft brand for a limited period.

On the other hand, Microsoft will still be running its smartphones on Windows 10. The Lumia series will continue to exist, though it’s been a while since there was news on that front in sight. Microsoft also continues to offer licenses for Windows 10 to other smartphone brands.

However, Nokia is still known in some countries and certainly well-liked as a maker of simple cell phones for those who want to focus on two things: calling and texting.

In November 2015, Nokia put some new feature phones on the shelves, such as the Nokia 230, the Nokia 230 Dual SIM, and the Nokia 222 as well as 222 Dual SIM.

In addition, Nokia is known as an old maker of good and inexpensive hardware with a good antenna and an exemplary standby time of the battery for even almost four weeks. Obviously, these phones are well equipped with a camera and a built-in music player.

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