More human-like conversation with AI

When online businesses are investing large sums of money in hiring agents for customer support, Hutoma AI has introduced a virtual marketplace to hire deep learning chatbots from. Most importantly, nobody has to learn how to code as they can tutor this AI chatbot using previous chat examples and Hutoma’s deep learning design.


Hiring a dedicated human employee for answering numerous and unique queries from customers can be expensive; hence, a deep learning chatbot can drastically reduce expenses.


These deep learning bots come with specialized knowledge for replying to common queries; moreover, you can always train it, without learning how to code for handling a complex conversation.



The creators of this platform mainly wanted to construct an ecosystem for AI designers who will also be able to share and earn money from their deep learning chatbots. As a result, it will drastically reduce the time needed for collecting and retaining information for the AI as multiple developers can work together on the same project.

You can always test run a chatbot before exporting it to your web or facebook page permanently and developers can access to its raw API if they wish to build a mobile application too.


Despite Siri being the very first personal assistant for all iPhone users, there is a huge possibility for Hutoma AI to turn this concept accessible by everyone. Moreover, it will evolve every day for making conversations more human-like.

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