MS Paint may soon be obsolete

Microsoft Paint, the very first program to allow users to work on graphics may cease to upgrade or be removed entirely from the upcoming updates of Windows 10.

Paint has always been a part of Windows operating system since 1985. As a result, Microsoft’s abrupt decision to make it obsolete sounds pretty harsh. Paint 3D, on the other hand, will continue its journey following the Windows 10 OS.

The list of updates was uploaded as a part of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that will be available soon during the autumn.

Microsoft reported that the mentioned programs on the list will be erased off of Windows 10 or “not in active development and might be removed in future releases,” according to BBC.


Microsoft’s followers expressed grief on social media by tweeting #RIP as numerous individuals addressed Paint as “the greatest thing to have ever existed.”

Artist called “Jim’ll Paint It” uses Paint primarily for working on unusually different themes in exchange for commissions from various strangers. There are over 700,000 followers of “Jim’ll Paint It” on Facebook. The admin tweeted,

Paint hasn’t been all that since they messed about with it anyway. I’m running XP on a virtual…CLICK TO TWEET

Maker of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Mike Dailly tweeted,

“They should just release the source and make it public domain”

It will be utterly disappointing for me at least if Paint actually becomes obsolete. I kept using Paint till my college whenever I had to edit pictures in my report. For more information on Windows, stay tuned to TTN.

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