NASA’s research will be available on the Internet for free

The American space agency called NASA has agreed to release all its researches on the internet for free. As a result, ordinary users like us will no longer need to make any payments before accessing them.

This is a wonderful news for the individuals who wish to be astronauts or astrophysicists, and also for people like me who get fascinated by extraterrestrial objects and numerous events related to outer space and its components.

At this moment, all the results of such researches are still confidential and inaccessible, however, the EU has plans to make all of Nasa’s research freely available from 2020, according to The Telegraph.

NASA’s Deputy Administrator Dava Newman reported,

“At NASA, we are celebrating this opportunity to extend access to our extensive portfolio of scientific and technical publications.”

Also went on,

“Through open access and innovation we invite the global community to join us in exploring Earth,airand space.”

It seems to me that NASA wants each and everyone to take part in discovering every minute aspect of the Earth.

The Obama administration, on the other hand, has been constantly urging its science agencies for turning their research widely available, which will make science more interesting for the rest, also further developing the knowledge of the public.

All the results of NASA’s research will be publicly available on a public news portal called Pubspace within one year after publicizing them.

According to Ellen Stofan, the Chief Scientist of NASA,

“Making our research data easier to access will greatly magnify the impact of our research,”

She continued,

“As scientists and engineers, we work by building upon a foundation laid by others.”
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