No More Chatting on The Web, Facebook is Pushing Its Users Toward The Messenger App

Users complained when Facebook divorced instant message from its main app, forcing people to download Messenger if they want to continue chatting with their friends. Those who are particularly opposed to the Messenger app have continued with the browser. However, it looks like the social media giant is getting more aggressive. Android Police reports, Facebook is planning to kill the messaging feature even from its mobile website, thus making it compulsory for everyone to download the Android Facebook Messenger app to continue the conversation.

From now on, if you attempt to check your message on Facebook using its mobile site on Android, it will automatically redirect you to Google Play Store for Messenger app. if you still want to chat using the browser, it’s possible but not easy. At that point, you can jump back to the browser, where you’ll be greeted with this ominous message, “your conversations are moving to Messenger.” to see your current conversation, tap the “X” button, but when you tap on one conversation, it will directly send you right back to Google Play. Hit the “X” again, go back to the browser and you can finally start chatting.

Facebook’s motivations are pretty transparent. The company put a lot of effort to its Messenger app, thus wants everyone to use it. And it’s clear that messaging option won’t be available on the website for a long time, so it’s better for you to forget the website and download the Messenger app.

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