No need to worry about getting lost without an internet connection

It can be extremely frustrating losing the internet connection, especially when you are traveling to an entirely new location with the help of Google Maps.

To solve this crucial problem, you can download all the maps from Google Maps and later use them for finding your way out without using the internet. Not only that, after downloading you can see the directions of your desired destination(s) without the help of internet.

As cool as it may sound, there are still a few limitations since you will only be able to view driving directions, but not places for cycling and available routes for other forms of public transportations such as trains and buses. However, you will still be able to locate nearby places using those maps without any internet connection at all.

Keep in mind that Google frequently updates its system for greater accuracy, your downloaded maps will eventually get deleted. For finding out the maps that you have saved so far and their expiry date, turn on Google Maps and tap on the “menu” section for selecting those “Offline areas.”

Read the following steps for downloading maps of any area:

While making sure that you’re already signed into your Google account, launch the application “Google Maps.”

Type the name of the place or city map you would like to download.

After the name of the place shows up, tap on the “download” button.

Google will then show you the map of the place in order to know if you would like to download. Press “download” for confirmation.

So, you no longer need to worry about getting lost without any internet connection. Just make sure you have downloaded the map before heading out of your house.

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