Not only Samsung, iPhone explodes too

Not only Samsung users have to fear their devices to explode when their batteries get a little too hot. Apple users also need to keep their eyes on their devices because more and more reports are claiming iPhone explodes too.

The iPhone explosion has become a great problem in China, where the Chinese Consumers Association has issued a warning. Eight iPhones have already exploded there, including the 6 and 6S models. The explosions took place in the last eight weeks.


“Apple should be responsible for consumers. A lot of consumer complaints are not solved effectively.”

A spokesman for the Shanghai Consumer Council said.

It’s not the first time that iPhones burst into flames.

Previously, a woman burnt her iPhone as the phone was connected to the charger overnight and had become very hot. A teenage girl also saw her bedroom burning off while charging her smartphone.

In Australia, a driver named Mat Jones saw his car was filled with smoke when he returned to his car in October after a surf lesson. He had kept his smartphone charging under his clothes in the car. He had only used official accessories of Apple and the iPhone was still like new. He had only used the smartphone for a week.

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