Now You Can Cook Pizza in a Few Minutes with Roccbox

Here is the deal. You must have a Roccbox lightweight stone bake oven for preparing your pizza in just 90 seconds. Yes, you heard it right. More importantly, you can cook anything from fish to fluffy breads with this portable oven. That kind of speedy baking is possible because Roccbox can reach temperatures up to 930 degrees F in less than 15 minutes.

Roccbox is a portable, lightweight, wood and gas fired stone floor oven. It cooks beautiful Neapolitan pizza within 90 seconds as well as an unlimited number of your favorite meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Until now, wood fired ovens have only been accessible to those with a big budget and permanent, outdoor space.

Roccbox solves such problems and brings authentic wood and gas fired cooking to everybody. Take it with you camping, to the forest, on the beach or use it in your back garden. You will be able to achieve unbeatable cooking results anytime, anywhere.

It became very popular in the UK last year. Its creators started accepting preorders in the UK last year. If you back the new campaign on Indiegogo, you can get yours shipped even if you are in the US, Canada, or Australia. While it appears that the project is already fully funded, you can still reserve a Roccbox for $429, which is 25 percent off its retail price.

The team plans to use its campaign funds to manufacture the first batch that will go out to backers as soon as June 2016.