Oneplus Devices Finally Stop Stalking!

OnePlus devices have been secretly spying on you, on behalf of their manufacturers. Oxygen OS keeps track of time when any Oneplus device screen is switched on and off. That starts the list includes-

  • Usage of apps
  • Connected wifi networks information
  • MAC addresses
  • Telephone numbers

Software developer Christopher Moore dug out this OnePlus secret.

Reason of Treason

OnePlus authority stepped out to acknowledge to the users that their activity was for the betterment of consumers.

“The reason we collect some device information is to better provide after-sales support. If you opt out of the user experience program, your usage analytics will not be tied to your device information.”
 Right now the program can be disabled by opting out from ‘Settings’ -> ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Join user experience program’. Authority also ensured the data not be shared with a third party, so that you might be texting to buy milk and get the cow free.

October seems to put a full stop for stalkers. By the end of the month, OnePlus devices will receive a prompt in the setup wizard asking permission to join the user experience program. Joining the program will share information regarding device usage analytics which might include apps, screen time, and rests are unknown. The good news here-
 “we will no longer be collecting telephone numbers, MAC Addresses, and WiFi information.”-Carl Pei

User experience program might not harm most though a few will count this as a personal issue.

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